Commit 6d5963b1 authored by Roman Ondráček's avatar Roman Ondráček

Released version v2.0.0-rc5

Signed-off-by: Roman Ondráček's avatarRoman Ondráček <>
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iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc5) testing; urgency=medium
* Update dependencies
* IQRF net: rename error message "No response from IQRF Gateway Daemon." (fix #221)
* Core: rename user edit form save button (fix #222)
* IQRF net: fix coding style in IQRF Standard Sensor form template
* Config: add scheduler's task validation
* Config: fix scheduler's task validation
* Config: rename labels in the scheduler's task configuration form
* IQRF net: disable FRC embedded peripheral configuration for DPA 4.xx, rename TR configuration write button (fix #220)
* IQRF net: fix coding style
* Core: add link to docs (fix #223)
* IQRF net: add information about the daemon restarting at Coordinator upload page (fix #224)
* Core: fix bug at sign in page (fix #226)
* Config: fix uncatched exception in scheduler task editor
* Config: add cache directory permissions workaround
* Network: check exit code when reading network connection, add network connection deletion
* Gateway: add SSH daemon service manager (fix #227)
* IQRF net: skip devices with invalid address in device map
-- Roman Ondráček <> Wed, 18 Mar 2020 19:40:00 +0100
iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc4) testing; urgency=medium
* Sentry: update DSN keys
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